Follow Jerusha as She Navigates a New Life During a Performance of Daddy Long Legs

From the Tony Award winning director of Les Miserables comes the intimate new musical Daddy Long Legs. Based on the classic novel which inspired the 1955 movie starring Fred Astaire—a beloved tale in the spirit of Jane Austen, the Brontë Sisters, and “Downton Abbey”—this heartwarming Cinderella story about a witty and winsome young woman and her mysterious benefactor has charmed audiences of all ages from Los Angeles to London. Now, see it for yourself next Thursday at the Public Theater of San Antonio!

Jerusha Abbott is the "oldest orphan in the John Grier home" until a mysterious benefactor decides to send her to college to be educated as a writer. Required to write him a letter once a month, she is never to know the benefactor's identity, so she invents one for him: Daddy Long Legs. Although she knows that he will never respond to her letters, she grows more and more fond of this elusive and kindly "old" gentleman.

But another relationship soon begins to develop in Jerusha's life introducing her to a world of literature, travel and adventure. Yet, there is one startling fact that Jerusha has yet to uncover - a fact that will change her life forever.

“Daddy Long Legs may be a small, off-Broadway show, but it is a first-class Broadway production. It is an old-fashioned love story, utterly charming and enjoyable.” – New York Arts

Find out what happens next when you see Daddy Long Legs live at the Public Theater of San Antonio! Tickets to Daddy Long Legs range from $20 to $40 and may be purchased online at

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Event Time/Date:
Thursday, February 28, 2019—7:30 PM

Event Venue Location:
The Public Theater of San Antonio
800 West Ashby Place
San Antonio, Texas 78212

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