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Use Apples to Create Pumpkins! Learn How with This Kid-Friendly DIY Tutorial

Image for Use Apples to Create Pumpkins! Learn How with This Kid-Friendly DIY Tutorial

Halloween may be over, but that does not mean you have to rid your apartment home of all pumpkin-related decorations. In fact, this round orange squash is also a natural fit at your Thanksgiving table – and, in turn, your seasonally appropriate apartment décor! This year, allow kids to contribute to your apartment interiors with this simple, child-friendly craft for Apple Stamped Pumpkins. Check out the easy tutorial below.

You will need:

• Apple cut down the center
• Orange paint
• Googly eyes
• Brown and green pipe cleaners
• Hot glue or craft glue


1. Begin by cutting your apple in half. Using a small paintbrush, dab some orange paint on one half of your apple.

2. Carefully press apple, paint-first, down on the paper. Touch up any unpainted parts with your brush.

3. While your painted pumpkins are drying, gather your remaining supplies. Cut your brown pipe cleaners into small stem sizes and twist your green pipe cleaners around a pencil to create a curly leaf.

4. Glue on your stem and curly leaf. You can use hot glue or craft glue, though keep in mind that craft glue will take longer to dry.

5. Finally, attach the googly eyes and any other decorative items. Frame your new artwork or place on the fridge for all to see this Thanksgiving season!

It’s always fun to learn something new! At Oxford at Medical Center Apartments in San Antonio, Texas we love to provide you with fun, thought-provoking tidbits that will make you reflect on different aspects of life.

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