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Feeling Shy in Your Zoom Meetings? These Pointers Will Help You with Confidence

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Approximately one year into the pandemic, it’s likely that you may still be spending a lot of your working hours on video chat application Zoom or one of its contemporaries, like Microsoft Teams or Google Hangouts. While you may be used to conversing with co-workers this way, you may still struggle with exuding confidence while on-camera. If you’ve ever caught yourself over-analyzing your appearance in your little window or cursing your strained back muscles as you hunch over your computer, you probably know what we’re referring to.

Luckily, you don’t have to resign yourself to several more weeks or months of uncomfortable or downright anxiety-inducing video conference calls. Here are a few ways to boost your confidence on-camera, so you can present your best self to your colleagues.

Use an elevated computer stand.

Investing in an elevated computer stand can make for better Zoom meetings. First, if you get distracted by your own face in the meeting, using a stand can provide you with a more flattering angle. Second, using a computer stand allows you to work without hunching over your computer for hours at a time. This will not only make you look more confident, but you’ll also be much more comfortable

Wear a professional outfit.

There’s no rule against working in your pajamas – but, if you want to be ultra-confident in your meetings, you might want to consider boosting your professionalism by changing out of your ratty old t-shirt and wearing an outfit that’s more office-friendly. Even if you’re wearing sweatpants or leggings on the bottom, reach for a button-up top or blouse to don during your call.

Brighten up your video conference corner.

Sure, you can technically accept a video conference call anywhere. But, if you want to look better and more confident when spending valuable screentime with your boss and colleagues, you’ll want to brighten up your surroundings. Try opening a window for natural lighting, place a lamp on your desk, or buy a mini Ring Light, which can clip on your computer and illuminate your face as you speak.

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