3 Pilates Products That You Must Have If You Are Trying to Stay Fit From Home

Pilates is an excellent workout for anyone looking to tone their muscles, strengthen their core, promote good posture, and enjoy a generally healthy lifestyle. One of the best things about Pilates and other yoga practices is that, aside from a yoga mat, you don’t necessarily need any equipment to get in a good workout. However, that doesn’t mean that certain products don’t enhance your practice! Check out these 3 finds, which can be purchased on Amazon and will enhance your workouts at home.

RitFit Pilates Ring

Price: $15.99

Finding your balance can be tough, in Pilates and in life. Center your mind and muscles with a “magic circle,” which was developed by Pilates founder Joseph Pilates to provide more targeted resistance training. The RitFit Pilates Ring gives you a more effective workout that gently tones your entire body. Best of all, you can use it with any Pilates pose – or even while you’re relaxing on the couch!

Bala Bangles

Price: $49.00 for a set of two

Adding resistance is key to getting the most out of your Pilates workout. One of the best ways to add resistance is with ankle or wrist weights. The Bala Bangles provide a simple and stylish way to sneak more resistance into your daily training, whether you’re in the middle of your favorite Pilates pose, or simply heading out to grab a cup of coffee.

ProsourceFit Flex Half-Round Foam Roller

Price: $17.99

Foam rollers are popular in Pilates because they offer just the right amount of instability needed to challenge and strengthen your core. The ProsourceFit Half-Round Foam Roller gives you all the benefits of a traditional foam roller, while also staying in place. Many Pilates devotees find that the half-round shape makes it easier to incorporate the tool into a variety of moves.

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